Black Cat Ballroom studio is available for local and visiting teachers. Our dance floor is roughly 1,000 square feet. We have two restrooms and about 500 square feet office and storage corners. The building has two AC units. Our open floor plan is basically our dance floor, and we do have benches and coat hangers available. The dance studio has and is often used for private classes, group classes, fitness classes, and private and public events. Meetings, dances, and even filming is performed regularly at our studio.

We have open slots and have opened the doors to our studio to local and visiting trainers, teachers, and coaches. We track our event schedule via Google calendar; Google calendar app makes the studio tracking simple and easy.

Our lease fees for local teachers are $20.00 per hour non exclusive use (such as private lessons, where you may share the floor with one more teacher, but probably wont) and $30.00 per hour exclusive use (such as group classes, fitness classes, private rehersals, where you have the entire studio to yourself and your student).