We offer different group dance classes every month. Group dance classes are usually four weeks long. Lessons are 50 minutes each. Four week group dance courses focus on a particular dance or a particular technique. Four week group dance courses do not allow drop ins. We encourage both pairs and individuals to come to our group dance courses.

Some courses require experience, while introductory level courses require no previous dance experience. In the past we offered introduction to multiple dances group course, where we introduced four different dances in just one four week long group dance course. It was phenomenal!!! Be prepared to have fun, dance in a relaxed atmpsphere, and MOST IMPORTANTLY walk away feeling BETTER and HAPPIER.

Group Dance Class fee isĀ  $40 per course – $70 for 2 courses – $90 for 3 courses in same month per person.

Preregistration is required – please check our registration page and the group dance course description for further details.


Things to consider:

Wear comfortable shoes that do not stick to the floor.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Prepare to have fun:)