Our teachers offer choreographed private lessons to one or multiple students. A teacher will choregraph a music piece and dance for a showcase, recital, competition solo or pair piece, wedding dance, and other public performances.  A dance is choregraphed for the specific music with unique movements tailored for the event, dancer, and will. Our teachers specialize in pair as well as group choregraphy.

There is a minimum requirement of 6 lessons for the choregraphy offering. Some may require additional practice time; the complexity of the dance may require more or less preparation. Each lesson is a 50 minute lesson and takes place at the Black Cat Ballroom dance studio in Bend, Oregon.

A charge of $65 per lesson and a minimum of 6 lesson package is required for this offering.

We receive multiple requests every month for showcase dances, fundrasing performance, dance events, group dance flash mob events, holiday performances, and sometime even educational presentations. We always are looking for willing and happy dancers to participate in such events. Please contact us and get on our list to be included in such future events.